A Man Named Zero

London - Total Refreshment Centre


A MAN NAMED ZERO is a live performance and light installation designed by NOCTE.

The installation, built with 60 suspended tungsten light bulbs and accompanied by a live performance and DJ-set, tells the story of one man's rite of passage as he breaks out of his mental and physical hibernation into discovering himself and his own mind.

With pulsating and flickering light bulbs the installation comes to life by organically reacting and growing with the environment, performance and music around it, transforming the venue into an atmospheric stage, depicting the protagonist's dramatic journey out of the "dark into the light".

The light bulbs are controlled by a custom software developed in Cinder.
The software enables us to build a virtual 3D reproduction of the physical environment in order to create spatial effects by controlling a variety of different elements in the space. It therefore allows to transform the space into an audio-responsive scenery.
The software uses audio input to process data in real-time and creates unique responses tailored to the given audio input. A custom tool developed with LibXtract, an audio feature extraction library, analysis the sound. These tools and techniques are the results of an ongoing collaboration with Jamie Bullock and the Birmingham Conservatoire.


Dj: Who‚s Yamackdaddy aka Forest Gimp
Performance Co-Director: Laura Farnworth
Wardrobe: Alexandra Groover
Make-Up Artist: Patrycja Grimm
Venue: Total Refreshment Centre

Giuseppe Morra
Nuria Del Real
Natalie Robbie
Olivia Wilkes

Camera oprators: Bruno Bolla, Giorgia Polizzi
Editing: Giorgia Polizzi

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