DeadMau5: Nokia Lumia Launch

London - Flat Iron Square


On the 28th of November 2012 the Flat Iron Square in London was transformed into a spectacular light show for Nokia’s second installment of "This is Lumia" in collaboration with Deadmau5.

ML Studios asked Nocte to create a unique software connecting the music of Deadmau5’s live set to the visuals projected onto the square. From windows to bins and trees each object was used as a colourful illuminated instrument accompanying the musical output throughout the live set.

Our custom software, developed with Cinder, is giving the animators the possibility to pre-visualize the show from the audience’s point of view, producing a HD video used to projection map the visuals onto the objects and trigger the lightning fixtures.


PR Agency and Production Company: Mission
Concept, Creative Direction and Animation: ML Studio
Production Manager: Neil Keane

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