A Study of Who
London, UK, 2013

Commissioned by artistic director Heather Eddington of State of Flux DanceFilm Company for their Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Awards 2013 finalist performance A Study of Who, organised in collaboration with Create and the Barbican.

A Study of Who is a collaboration between State of Flux and the poet Anna Mae Selby depicting the five stages of grief in a scenography inherently designed and implemented by Nocte.

By using different lighting setups and dispositions for each consecutively revealed element, every scene of the choreography is accentuated in its various settings.

The installation, comprising 30 unique handmade redwood anglepoise lamps with classic tungsten lightbulbs, is eventually emerging from the ground building a structured landscape of responsiveness and light, taking the spectator through the emotional and physical journey of the performer’s flowing display of grief.

The degree of the hanging light bulbs and the crossed placing of the lamps in a curved position, directing the visual impression of the scenery, create an interplay between light and shade. The sequenced installation building the setting and following the motion of the story is providing a consistent spatial response for the viewer.

A Study of Who is a work of Research and Development funded by the Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust.


Director: Heather Eddington
Writer/Poet: Anna Selby
Co-director/Dramaturg: Laura Farnworth
Dancer: Jane Alice

Photos courtesy of: Tomas Hein

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