Afterlife Tulum 2020
Tulum, Mexico, 2020

Spread over two stages at the magical, open-air Zamna Cenote, Nocte designed the Afterlife show, transforming the lush surroundings for an experience like no other.

Enhanced with laser and light installations, the vibrant atmosphere blended the relaxed vibes of Tulum with the unique Afterlife identity.

On the Jungle Stage, circular, organic forms enchanted with tropical plants and greenery wrapped over the DJ booth.

The Isla Stage contrasted the organic with bold, intertwined rectangular frames.


Stage Design & Show Direction: NOCTE
Lighting Design: Pascal Bach
Lighting Operator: GIULIANO LOCKE
Video Design: Michael Titze
Art Direction: Roberto Rosolin
Production manager: Seppe Astudillo
photo courtesy of: Damiano Alessandri

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