Verdon, France, 2014

Using nature as a basis for aesthetic, Ascent is an interactive installation that both blurs and highlights its surroundings.

A mesmerising sight of smooth lines and soft light, the sculpture creates a harmonious relationship between human aesthetic and natural landscape.

Intimately connecting it to its site, Nocte’s abstract reinterpretation of the mountainous backdrop was the visual focus of The North Face NightRay Fest.

In collaboration with Octagon, we were able to connect with likeminded individuals. Attendees tweeting #neverstopexploring were invited to interact with and influence the behaviour of the geometric visual.


Commissioned by The North Face for NightRay Outdoor Fest, Verdon France

Design & Production: NOCTE
Sports Marketing Agency: Octagon
Fabrication: Wyliewood
On-site production: SpiaGames
Production assistant: Oliver Bennett

Photos courtesy of: Sandra Ciampone

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