Ray-Ban x Les Plages Electroniques
Cannes, France, 2022

For the Ray-Ban activation at the Les Plages Electroniques Festival in Cannes, our main objective was to design a platform and stage that would heighten the bond between the iconic brand and music, resulting in a mutable space that would not only capture attention but also provide a transformative experience, reflecting the natural transition from day to night.

The pavilion was constructed around a light installation consisting of a radial array of lights. Through careful programming of light and sound,the entire space comes to life in a synesthetic journey, transitioning through the vibrant colors found in the Ray-Ban Wayfarer collection.

We utilized colored mesh fabric for the pavilion's exterior, allowing for a semi-transparent view. During the day, sunlight is filtered and takes on hues as it passes through the fabric. As night falls, the interior light and smoke spills out, enticing people to approach the installation.


Concept & Design: NOCTE & BEN KREUKNIET
Production: halloween
Lighting programmer: Giuliano Locke / liveFRAME Design

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